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Alder bowl blanks

Alder bowl blanks


  • free from large knots, splits
  • Used for kitchen items
  • Cut circular with centre mark
  • Edge sealed with wax to prevent splitting
  • Perfect for woodcarving and woodturning


English Alder Bowl Blanks

Bowl turned by George Foweraker From some of the Alder bowl blanks on sale here

Traditionally used for “Treenware” literally translated means “Of the tree” or more commonly know now as tableware. Making fantastic eating bowls and plates it has also been used to make clogs. It also has the nickname Scottish Mahogany because of the light to reddish brown colour it takes soon after cutting. Has a grain similar to Cherry and mellows to a deep honey brown.

The timber is softish to turn and seems to finish better with a high shine such as a melamine or acrylic spray lacquer rather than with oils.

Alder is also an excellent tonewood perfect for making Electric guitars, most notably the Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster, have been built with alder bodies since the 1950s. Alder is appreciated for its claimed tight and even balanced tone.

With a fine and even grain structure though typically straight grain can often be found with fantastic ripple and quilted figuring especially near crotches or where the tree has been learning. This is not always evident when the timber is in the blank form but if you find any ripple or quilting pattern this can be further enhanced with the use of spirit stains, a base coat of blue sanded back and then overlayed with yellow produces a fantastic green and yellow effect.

Additional information

Weight 26 kg

2", 3", 4", Thin, Medium, Thick, All 3, Starter set


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